EVEN UP International Challenge

A call for innovative and sustainable projects around the agriculture and nutrition of the future. It is open to all SME/Start Up internationally.

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Even'Up is support innovative projects in the fields of agriculture and nutrition, sponsored by the Even Group, and in partnership with the Village by CA Finistère and Valorial cluster.

In this context, project leaders will benefit from expert objective analysis, as well as additional financial and logistical resources. A sponsorship system will facilitate the relevant market and network access required for start-up development.

Four challenges:

1.- Innovating to feed the future

To feed the future, Even is striving to develop novel technical nutritional solutions in order to support daily nutritional needs at every stage in life. The Group is particularly interested in developing proteins (dairy and others) and diversifying their sources. It also wishes to provide solutions for new consumer expectations relative to what they’re eating and to proper nutrition.

2.- Designing the food distribution and services of tomorrow

This challenge is concerned with how the digital world interacts with new distribution methods, offering new services to consumers, nutritional e-commerce, logistics optimization solutions, as well as client intelligence allowing for the customization of consumption.

3.- Accelerating the transition to agribusiness 4.0

The idea is to rethink tools while enhancing industrial engineering through technological solutions relative to automation, packaging, nutritional traceability, occupation health and safety, etc.

4.- Innovating towards the agriculture of tomorrow

Even is keen to support new technologies that can help optimize agricultural performance while respecting the environment, as well as supporting farmers’ quality of life, animal welfare and a collaborative economy.

More information at EVEN UP Website.