PREPARE. SmartAgriHubs call

Open call for Digital Innovation Hubs that are supporting organisations in the planning and definition of Innovation Experiments for digital transformation in the Agrifood economy.

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A specific objective of this PREPARE open call is to prepare a proposal for an Innovation Experiment that can be submitted in the EXPAND open call. Because these Innovation Experiment proposals are not necessarily to be submitted in the EXPAND call, the more general objective is to plan and prepare the realisation of one or more Innovation Experiments.

What are the kind of projects to be funded by the PREPARE Open Call?  

The projects selected under PREPARE should produce the following deliverables:

Team: Compilation of an appropriate team, able and committed to realise the Innovation Experiment from an end-user, business, technological and extended stakeholder perspective.

Technnology readiness level and feasibility: Analysis of the technology readiness level of the envisaged innovation, the technical and economic feasibility and its relevance for the supported team to have an impact that could be realised in the scope of an Innovation Experiment.

Budget: A budget planning for realising the Innovation Experiment(s). DIHs shall also include the financial plan, detailing the path to facilitate access to additional private investors and/or regional, national, European funding schemes provided by third parties.

Project plan: A project plan consisting in one or more Innovation Experiments, explaining the timing of activities, milestones and deliverables. This could also be materialised in the form of a project proposal to be later on submitted to a relevant open call to further support the realisation of the aforementioned Innovation Experiment(s) (e.g. by the SmartAgriHubs EXPAND open call).

Letter of intent: Signed letter of intent by the main participants in an Innovation Experiment, stating their role and envisaged effort and in-kind contribution to be committed.

All details about deliverables and the open call is available in the PREPARE open call fiche for download

What are the kind of potential proposers to be funded by the PREPARE Open Call?  

The funding is exclusively available to fund the efforts/costs of one or more Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) preparing Innovation Experiments

These results should serve as preparation for one or more subsequent proposals to the SmartAgriHubs EXPAND open call, other initiatives organising open calls and/or potential investors that offer funding for:

• DIH(s) that are supporting the realisation of Innovation Experiments and/or

• Organisation(s) or consortia that are realising an Innovation Experiment.

Check the PREPARE Open Call fiche for more information