Empowering women among the vineyards

#10, March 2021

Charo Jimenez

CEO of Lagar La Primilla (Agrimenez S.L.)


Charo Jimenez is CEO of Lagar La Primilla (Agrimenez S.L.), an Andalusian 4th generation family business dedicated to farming vineyards and elaborate their own wines under “Montilla Moriles” qualified designation of origin.

I was born on the 8th of March, International Working Women’s Day, so I think I was always predestined to be an entrepreneur.  I grew in a family of farmers dedicated to the vineyards and olive trees and curiously, this tradition started in the XIX century by a woman (my great-grandmother), next two generations were only men (just brothers in the family) and now, the 4th generation are only women, my two sisters and I.

While I was studying, I started a horticulture business with my sister but I realised I wanted to continue with the family tradition. It was a natural step to me, due to since I was a child, I lived according to the countryside times: helping on the harvest time, the phases of elaboration of wine during the year, etc.

The beginning was a tough time, I was trying to work in a “male environment” but I did my best learning a lot from others and trying to keep updated with new tools and machinery, etc. My feeling was, and sadly still is, I had to demonstrate twice (knowledge, results…) and work doubly every single action to be taken into account as a “relevant voice” with other male farmers.

After 25 years in the countryside with my olives and the vineyards, 10 years ago I had to leave the farming labour and now I am fully dedicated to the “lagar” activities: we have boosted digitisation in the wine production (mostly by using sensors), developed new products in addition to the traditional ones (e.g. frizzante) and launched wine tourism activities in our farm. I also joined with 5 other close “lagares” to create the association “Lagares de la Sierra de Montilla” in order to create synergies and promote wine tourism around the area; currently, I am the president.

Finally, I would like to encourage women to be farmers if it is their dream. We are able to do anything we want, so do not be your own barrier or try to stay behind a man. It is time that women work for ourselves and vindicate our place in the farms, demanding the same equality that other professions are achieving.


La Primilla