Digitisation for the enhanced output performance of dairy cow farming

Information and communication technologies to support decision making in farm management, operation and input-output sides of dairy cow breeding and lactation.

Different digital technologies are applied, digital sets of data collected and analysed at dairy cow farms pose barriers for the more unified, platform-based support for an increased and high-quality output performance of dairy cows.

Through one data platform the professional management of the dairy farm will be able to test rationalising of breeding and lactation process. Forage waste can also be measured and minimalized, and by this exploitation of soil can be optimized. The stock management can be driven online. Digitally available data can be cross-checked. Cooperative management can align with the strategy of data driven decisions.

All necessary input information is available today, be those in digital or in other (non-digital) formats. Therefore, information technology development would be/is first step for a dairy farm on the industry 4.0 road map. Main goal of this is the delivery of cost-efficient use of resources. Through digital transformation of the dairy profession, as part of management decision making, key performance indicators can be transformed to leads that can be directly influenced independently of external effects.

Beneficiary is Bos Frucht Agrarian Cooperative, its partners or stakeholders are University of Kaposvár and several IT solutions providers. Further stakeholders are Milk Interprofessional Organization and Product Council, the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture, and similar sized dairy cow farms where similar investments are due or planned.