Sensor and data driven plant growing

Sensor and data driven plant growing illustrating the technical, organisational and economic aspects of precision farming for farm development.

Farkas Ltd. was established in 2003 with an objective of testing and if that proves to be effective, implementing data driven solutions of precision farming. The problem was how to provide for optimised and effective plant growing based on data measured. Farkas Ltd. is good example for showcasing development and use experiences gained during 17 years of precision agriculture ranging from a manufacturing type of IT development and data management to the complex, decision supporting Management Information System.

Initially company staff took measurements of different soil macro and mezzo elements and for processed the “manually” collected information by its own software background. This process was coupled with hardware development to deliver precision soil testing, differentiated nutrient supply and weed control. The whole system was operating and continuously developed from 2005 on and from 2007, was applied for wheats (maize, sunflower, etc.). Obtained data was recorded manually, being several times measured and recorded during one production period. From 2013 the “AgroVir”, i.e. a Management Information System integrates all data obtained at different places of production (ploughing, sowing, weeding, harvesting, selling) has been in service for better economic decisions.