European Innovation Ecosystem: Scale up

The actions under the SCALEUP destination focus on reinforcing network connectivity within and between innovation ecosystems in view of supporting the European companies to better sustain their growth and gain new competitive advantages.

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Expanding Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

This action aims at supporting co-designed programmes of activities, of at least two study years, proposed jointly by educational institutions from ‘modest’ and ‘moderate’ innovation ecosystems and the private sector from innovation hubs (‘strong innovators’ and ‘innovation leaders’  see the Regional Innovation Scoreboard (RIS), European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), Global Innovation Index (GII)). The proposals should valorise high levels of technical and entrepreneurial skills of the youth in developing innovation ecosystems with hands-on knowledge and experiences in business management and international scale-up process.

Elevating the scalability potential of European business (2022.1) (HORIZON-EIE-2022-SCALEUP-01)