S3P T&BD Commitee

June 10th 2020


The Traceability and Big Data S3 Partnership organised its bi-annual Technical (on-line) meeting last 10th. of June. Partners from the partner regions and associated members discussed the progress of the Partnership and the challenges associated to different topics, including the transition to Digital Innovation Hubs of each regional node or the new EU programming period.

The meeting started with the presentation of Judit Anda, from the Agriculture Regional Ministry of Andalusia (lead-region of the Partnership) who explained the new initiatives proposed to the network as well as the results of a survey that was launched among partners to know their concerns and priorities in relation with the 2020 Partnership’s roadmap.

Alain Marengui, representative of the co-lead region, Emilia-Romagna, presented a proposal to jointly work in the identification of business ideas and projects among partners. This shared flow-chart would interact with a smart surveillance unit that will be created as well to explore funding opportunities for the partners’ projects and initiatives. The unit was presented in the meeting by Noemí  Molina, from the Andalusia team. And Raquel Díaz, also from the lea-region’s team presented the new webisite for the Partnership in which the lead-region is already working.

Representiatives of the European Commission (Wim Haentjen from DG Research, Valentina Pinna from DG REGIO, Alexia Roubi from DG AGRI and Katerina Ciampi from DG JRC) participated in the discussions as well and presented the latest advancements of the new instruments supporting interregional cooperation in the field of agrifood and digitalisation.

The Technical Assistance Facility from DG GROW was also introduced by Marta Kulesza, from Ecorys; as well as the alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals, by Cecilia Gañán de Molina, external advisor of the Partnership.

Finally representatives of Andalusia (CarmenSillero) and Emilia-Romagna (Paolo Canonico) shared ideas on the preparation of the new programming period 2021-2027 at the regional level.

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