Region's basic data
  • Second Region at the French level in area and very diversified.
  • First region for Quality and Origin Certification (240 SIQO)
  • First world wine region
  • 74,000 farms - 20,900 salaried jobs / 83,000 self-employed

Agriculture in Occitanie

Second Region at the French level in area and very diversified.

The diversity of agricultural production stems from a great geographical diversity of the territory. In large masses, we observe that livestock farming has retreated to the middle mountains and the foothills of the massifs (Pyrenees and Massif Central). Field crops mainly occupy the west of the region, especially in the plains and hillsides, while viticulture is concentrated in the east of the region near the coast. Fruit and vegetable farms, spread throughout the country, also occupy an important place in the territory of the region.

Among the first regions of France for the Signs of Identification of Quality and Origin: 240 SIQO.


The innovative and value-creating food offer in order to adapt to changes (consumption, distribution, organization...) to anchor value on the territory is taken up within the framework of the OCCITANIE FOOD PACT which includes an innovation component to which the AD'OCC agency contributes. It also finds an outlet with the new theme "Developing digital solutions in agriculture and agri-food (see below) insofar in particular since logistics (last mile, short circuits) is concerned by digital (new configurations of distribution through digital solutions).

The development of digital solutions in agriculture and agri-food focuses on the overall improvement of production systems through better use/valorization of data, in order to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of sectors (agriculture, IAA), traceability in agro chains... As such, the Innovation Territory Occit@num (Laving lab) will be able to bring out collaborative projects with an economic vocation.

Agriculture and agrifood Key figures

Agricultural sectors

Agrifood industry

A Region promoting digital innovation

Given the transversal nature of digital technology applicable to all sectors in the Region, S3 Occitanie has identified and driven the EDIH (European Digital Innovation Hub) project, which should accelerate the digital transformation of the territory's structures and a significant deployment of digital transformation topics in the S3 2021-2027.

S3 Smart Specialisation Strategy

The Regional Innovation Strategy 2021 – 2027 in Occitanie was developed during the 2nd half of 2020 and validated in April 2021. It’s designed around 8 SIA (Strategic Innovation Area) from which 2 are positioned in digital agrifood:

The animation of the S3 is delegated to ADOCC the Regional Development Agency of Occitanie in partnership with the Cluster Agri Sud - Ouest Innovation ASOI for the Agrifood sector.

The S3 takes place on the Region in complementarity with the SRDEII and SESRI.

SRDEII: Regional Plan of Economic Development of Innovation and Internationalization.

The roadmap to support the economic development in the Region including the digital transformation for the main supply chains of Occitanie.

It includes also « The Regional Pact for Sustainable Food”.

SRESRI Regional Plan for Higher Education, Research and Innovation defines the priorities for the intervention and the orientations shared by all the actors.

CONTRAT AGROALIMENTAIRE a road map for 2020 2025 co-piloted by AREA and Coop de France (see below) in partnership with the State and the Region, including 2 actions:

Promoting the development of new technologies in the transformation, in particular by the use of the tool Industry 4.0.

Creation and management of a collaborative platform of R&D&I projects.


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