September 14, 2023

1st Elevator Pitch and Matchmaking Event in SAH

The elevator picth and matchmaking event organised by the Regional Cluster Iberia was held last 21 October with the objectives of contributing to the building up of the community within SmartAgriHubs and fostering connections and sinergies amongst Iberian DIHs andother DIHs across Europe.

The event had two different sections, on the one hand, the elevator pitch, where 12 Iberian DIHs presented in very short pitches the most important features of their organisation.  And, on the other hand, participants had the possibility of booking bilateral meetings with these 12 Iberian DIHs and also amongst them. In this sense, this event was a complete success, as there were 18 bilateral meetings in total that let them get to know each other and foster sinergies between them. It is also to  remark that some alliances emerged between some DIHs, which a good symptom that this event was really heplful for the ecosystem.

Information about the 12 Iberian DIHs can be found in the catalogue elaborated specifically for the event and also in the master presentation. If you are still interested in contacting any these 12 Iberian DIH, you can contact the Regional Cluster Iberia which is led by the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of Andalucía, Spain, and co-led by Consulai, a private business settled in Portugal.

E-mail addresses are and, respectively.

You can also find the Regional Cluster Iberia on social media: LinkedIn and Twitter.