September 14, 2023

37 European DIHs are involved in the first Change2Twin certification scheme

Change2Twin has certificated 37 Digital Innovation Hubs to assess and guidance manufacturing SMEs and midcaps that want to improve their competitiveness by implementing Digital Twinning Technology.

The Change2Twin project has just been launched the first Assessment Voucher to manufacturing SMEs and midcaps that can get a full analysis and support from a Digital Innovation Hub to implement a solution based on digital twinning.

The selected SMEs and mid-caps will get benefits such as:

  • Full technical analysis from a certified DIH of their choice
  • Up to three recipes to implement a digital twin solution
  • The assessment is worth up to €10k
  • Media exposure and networking opportunities
  • Further access to Deployment Vouchers to implement solutions

Manufacturing SMEs can apply until 29th March.

The Change2Twin project is being supported by the I4MS initiative and has received funding from the European  Union’s  Horizon  2020  Research  and  Innovation  program.

More information:

Change2Twin website