December 5, 2023

Andalucia Agrotech EDIH organises an Artificial Intelligence Forum for the Agrifood Sector

The "Agrotech Artificial Intelligence Forum: Cultivating the Future of the Agrifood Value Chain" was designed as an awareness and demonstration activity, framed within the Andalucia Agrotech EDIH project. This public-private initiative is led by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Water, and Rural Development of the Andalusian Regional Government and involves more than 30 entities. Its goal is to address the needs of the region's agrifood sector through a comprehensive service offering, serving as a one-stop shop for agrifood digital transformation.

This edition dedicated to artificial intelligence took place on November 9th, marking the first in a series of meetings aimed at raising awareness among Andalusian agrifood companies about the opportunities of digital technologies. The event included the presentation of innovative projects and initiatives from public and private entities (Agrotech Demo), sessions on artificial intelligence applications in the agrifood value chain (best practices), and on-site demonstrations of artificial intelligence applications (field demonstration).

The event featured a keynote address titled 'Artificial Intelligence in the Digital Transformation of the Agri-food Sector' by the technology company T-Systems.

Subsequently, a roundtable discussion brought together the Ministry of Agriculture, Universities of Córdoba and Seville, the CTA cluster, and the Cajamar Foundation, discussing experimentation and demonstration, training, financing, and innovation ecosystems, entrepreneurship, and networking.

The following roundtable discussion, titled 'Needs and Challenges for the Incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in Agri-food Companies,' included experiences in the use of artificial intelligence by Andalusian agro-industrial companies TROPS, ACESUR, and PROLONGO.

The day continued with three technical sessions. The first focused on 'Applications of AI in the Management of Resources in the Agri-food Sector,' featuring a successful case on 'Predictive Models of Agricultural Production Based on Data.' The next session was 'Applications of AI in Agri-food Industrial Processes,' including a talk on successful AI applications in agrifood industries and an interactive workshop on 'How to Start Implementing AI in Agri-food Industries.' Finally, the technical session 'Applications of AI in Marketing and Sales' took place, showcasing successful applications of this technology in these areas. Within this program point, the interactive workshop 'How to Start Implementing AI in the Marketing and Sales of Agrifood Productions' was conducted.

Next, a pitch session featured 20 innovative projects and demonstrative initiatives by Operational Groups and other R&D projects with technology demonstrators in artificial intelligence and business solutions applying AI to the agrifood sector.

The final part of the day occurred at the experimental farm of the University of Córdoba, where demonstrations of AI applications in agriculture were conducted by various research groups from the Technical School of Agricultural Engineering in Córdoba."