September 14, 2023

A specialized agrifood programme is created through the cross fertilization of Regions4Food

The interregional exchange promoted in the framework of the Regions4Food Interreg Project, has contributed to the signing of a collaboration agreement among the University of Seville (Andalusia region in Spain) and the Region of Transdanubia (Hungary). It will be focused on the training of Hungarian professors and students on a range of topics related to digital transformation of the agrifood sector.

Spanish professors coming from the Master Programme on Digital Agriculture of the University of Seville will train to the coordinators of the Hungarian University of Transdanubia on Agriculture Science and Life to promote the implementation of a specific training programme in competences related to the digital transformation in the related scope.

The new specialized programme will have a wide range of technical modules such as computing and precision farming, advanced geomatic and drones, smart monitoring production, data analytic tools and robotics.

To make possible the practical inclusion of the program in the curricular offer of the Hungarian university,  specific training sessions are being carried out between both universities, Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Government) and STRIA (South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency). In the upcoming weeks, there will be some face to face presentations among Spanish and Hungarian professors, with the objective of training the Hungarian ones in basic competences that the students should acquire after participating in the training programme.

This collaboration has bornt under the Regions4Food framework, an Interreg project where seven European regions that pertains to the S3P Traceability & Big Data have joining efforts to boost digitalization in the agrifood value chain, mostly through exchanging experiences and creating specific work plans that collaborate in promoting synergies and cross opportunities through the identification of good practices in the related territories.