September 14, 2023

Creation of online shops in Pays de la Loire

The Covid-19 affects all sectors for the past fewmonths. Although the agrifood resists this crisis well despite the lack ofworkforce, new problematics appeared during this period. Indeed, if the production did not suffer, the food distribution has been highly perturbated as the agrifood chain is very dependent to the logistic sector, and for some producers, to the restaurants and schools. For these reasons, the Regional Council, the Chamber of Agriculture of Pays de la Loire and several public entities formed a partnership in order to help the producers of the 5 departments composing theregion to find local and prosperous outlets.

This cooperation should result in the creation of online shops in all the 5departments. The first one has just been created as it is a long process to go. Those shops will appear soon on the website which already references all the farm sales and producers’ shops of the Pays de la Loire Region on the dedicated website, a dynamic that excels the present situation.