April 4, 2024

Critical Emphasis on Cyber Security and Data Protection in Advancing the Bioeconomy

The SCALE-UP project celebrated the third session of the training block "Digitalisation in the bio-economy". It was focused on the cyber security aspect of utilising digital tools and connected data. Even though collaboration and data sharing are essential in the bioeconomy for collective advancements, secure data sharing is crucial to prevent disruption of operations, compromising of systems or stealing sensitive data.

The opening keynote by Wolfgang Siegel from Siemens Austria AG explored the intricacies of internet security and data protection within bio-based systems.

Delve into real-world case studies with Aneta Lobodzinska from the Science-Technology Center for Unmanned Systems, as she shared insights on "Digitalization of agriculture, experiences, challenges, and data processing". She underlined 5 key points to avoid the main problems related to cybersecurity:

  1. Using data encryption to protect information from unauthorized access.
  2. Implementing user authentication and authorization mechanisms.
  3. Using data minimization techniques, such as anonymization or pseudonymization.
  4. Monitoring and auditing the operation of artificial intelligence-based systems.
  5. Implementing privacy and data protection policies in accordance with applicable regulations.

Further, Volker Kromrey from Bodensee Stiftung navigated through the lessons learned from the frontlines of a cybersecurity breach in the bioeconomy. He pointed out the importance of companies' security concept, anti-phishing training and modernising infrastructure (including backups).

Source: Lake Constance Foundation adapted from Alliance Insurance

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