February 14, 2022

DG AGRI celebrates the Info Day 2021 promotion calls for proposals

In relation to the publication of the 2021 Calls for proposals for grants for information provision and promotion measures concerning agricultural products, DG Agriculture and Rural Development and the Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency (CHAFEA) has organized the annual Info day online on 28th and 29th of January.

The first day has been dedicated to policy aspects. Speakers from the European Commission have discussed the future of the promotion policy, being presented the Farm to fork strategy and the upcoming policy review. It has also presented the priorities of the 2021 Annual work programme. The Q&A sessions were very active and also interesting comments were received in the Slido chat during the whole day.

The key objective for the next years is establishing a sustainable food system that has neutral or positive environmental impact, ensures food security and public health and preserves the affordability of food. Schilthuis pointed out that food security and food safety are cornerstones of our food system, and will never be compromised.

About the upcoming calls, the simple programs will be financed with €86 million, with a dedication of €32,1M for internal market, €48,9M for third countries and €5M for market disturbance and additional call for proposals. Gerstgrasser also informed that two simple calls are now publicated.

The contribution to Farm to fork is estimated to be €49M for promotion organic, €18M for promotion sustainable and €19,1M for promotion of fruit & vegetables consumption in balanced diets. Approximately the 50% of the overall promotion budget will be for co-financing programes.

The second day have been focused on practical aspects and major changes related to the new calls. The participants also had the opportunity to listen to presentations by external experts and projects’ coordinators on several challenging aspects, such as how to construct communication campaigns in the context of the COVID19 pandemic, factoring in public health restrictions, or how to develop communication campaigns on EU sustainable production and sustainable consumption, looking into challenges and expectations, with examples and key learnings.

Additionally, as part of this event, matchmaking sessions have been dedicated to interaction between potential project partners were organised with a view to submitting multi-beneficiary proposals.

All the presentations are available here:

Visit the Funding & Tenders portal and search for AGRIP