February 5, 2024

DigiFarm2all: transforming the Portuguese agriculture

In December 2023, the Portuguese Smart Farm Collaborative Laboratory, SFCOLAB, installed the last technology pilot for integration into a Digital Twin within the scope of the DigiFarm2all project. With this milestone, a walk of more than 5,000 km carried out in 2023, from north to south of mainland Portugal, was completed.

It has installed 17 technological pilots with accessible technology, from north to south of Portugal, and in articulation with cooperatives and farms for 1) digital transition in agriculture; 2) training of technicians and farmers; 3) sustainable intensification in agriculture.

This is done through the inclusion of small and medium-sized producers adopting new agricultural technologies (AG4.0), with specialized technical support for the adoption of new technologies, the acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, as well as promoting environmental and economic sustainability. All applied in the 17 pilot projects that monitor agricultural management practices, resources and factors of production.

DigiFarm2all is a project led by SFCOLAB, from October 2022 to September 2025. Focused on the sustainability and democratization of agriculture, aimed at developing low-cost, open-access solutions that integrate specialised technical support, considering the needs of farmers. This project brings together a total of twenty Portuguese partners, including INIAV, Confagri, Impactwave, cooperatives, and companies in the agricultural sector, specifically in vineyards, olive groves, oranges, kiwi, avocados, and raspberries. It also involves farmer confederations, innovation hubs, collaborative laboratories (CoLABs), competence centres (CC), and technological companies.

More information through: https://digifarm2all.pt/