September 14, 2023

DigITagri platform: facilitating technology transfer and innovation

The agrifood clusters of Emilia-Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia Regions successfully completed last year the interregional cooperation project CREDAS - Cross-Regional Ecosystem for Digital Agrifood Service, funded in the framework of the Open call Service of SmartAgriHubs project (Horizon 2020 Programme).

The action was aimed at promoting the digital and green transition of agrifood companies, supporting the effective matching among digital innovation demand and supply, and jointly developing an interregional service portfolio and new instruments to the benefit of SMEs.

One of the main outputs of CREDAS project has been DigITagri platform, set up to facilitate technology transfer and innovation (in ICT and agritech domains), enable matchmaking between demand/supply of services and demand/supply of digital technologies, provide agrifood companies with the opportunity to exploit the potential of digital tools and solutions to increase their competitiveness and sustainability.

The platform enables ICT and agritech experts and technology providers to present and promote their products and services, facilitating their transfer to agrifood SMEs, with the supporting role of intermediaries (agrifood clusters). The thematic domains covered by the tool, that is continuously improved and extended, are robotics and automation; sensors and IoT solutions; solutions for product and value chain traceability; DSS decision-support systems; software solutions for enhanced product and process management; and e-commerce and digital marketing.

Thanks to DigITagri, an interregional digital and agritech ecosystem is made available for agrifood companies, in particular in Emilia-Romagna and Friuli Venezia Giulia regions, but the intention of its promoters is to further expand it in the future, as first results obtained show a great number of interactions performed with stakeholders, being most of them agrifood companies. Additionally, this Italian partnership has been successful in delivering improved and new services to the strategic target groups of the initiative, thus consolidating an interregional service portfolio that has demonstrated its continuing after the project end.

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