July 23, 2020

DIHs Champion Challenge is out

Europe's Network of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHNET.EU) has launched a new edition of the DIHs Champion Challenge, an initiative to identify, show, and support success stories of mature DIHs that can inspire and guide other DIHs in their developments. The deadline for the submission of applications is 21st September 2020 at 13:00 (CEST).

The Categories to assess the DIH Maturity for the 2020 Challenge are:

  • Services offered by the DIH to support the digitalisation of SMEs related to ecosystem building, financing, testing, digital Skills development.
  • Collaboration Strategy leading to a number of cross-border technology transfer opportunities or joint investments due to structured and sustainable collaboration, including mechanisms such as (business models, impact KPIs, Funding mechanisms) and alignment with S3 priorities.

There are two types of beneficiaries

  1. DIHs part of the Catalogue that are Fully Operational, according to the criteria of the EC Joint Research Centre.
  2. DIHs from Member States and H2020 associated countries.

More information
DIHNET.EU - 2nd DIHs Champions Challenge