November 7, 2022

DIVAx: results, construction and review

The DIVAx project, which is coming to an end, organized a closing webinar hold on 27 October 2022. The event gathered all the DIVAx partners and interested stakeholders to present the project results, its construction and its review.

After the presentation of the project, Philippe Teixera (Agri Sud-Ouest) presented the results obtained in the European day of digital agriculture, a virtual fair organized by DIVAx on 21st of June 2022, were presented. Concluded as a great success, figures included more than 180 participants from 22 countries (including some outside Europe such as Brasil, Canada, India, Panama, Pakistan or USA), 26 booths, 13 posters and 29 companies represented. This novel format of online event resulted in a more immersive and engaging user experience in a digital environment, promoting the interaction between participants and fostering the sense of community.

About the DIVAx Business Services of EU Innovation Factory, Nathalie Chavrier (CTA) explained how it was built, the services offered and the implementation of these services. 11 projects were submitted to the open call and 5 of them were in support.  About the replicability of the initiative, Chavrier shared these significative remarks:

Finally, Thibaud Gremme (Valorial) disserted about the sustainability perspectives of DIVAx for projects based on the support at all levels of the project, the complementarity of the consortium and the focus of the work based on pre-identified calls.

About the DIVAx project

In March 2021, the DIVA project, funded by H2020, ended. This accelerator has funded 134 digital agri-related projects for the benefit of 180 SMEs. In the wake of this initiative, a cross-border community has been created around digital AgriTech companies, who expressed the need and interest in sharing skills and knowledge at the European level to build more powerful value chains. The DIVA initiative continues today through a DIVAx sequel, which intends to maintain this fruitful dynamic by providing companies with a package of services to increase their understanding of the European ecosystem and help seize opportunities for cross-border collaborations.

DIVAx is intended for the companies of the Digital AgriTech, seeking funding, network and visibility, and for the players of the Agrifood sector seeking an update on the latest trends in Digital AgriTech.