June 30, 2022

DNA and blockchain using to cancel fraud in extra virgin olive oil

Through funding from the EU research and innovation project S3FOOD, a team of biotechnology and blockchain specialists in Greece are using olive oil DNA to generate a fraudproof genetic barcode for each and every bottle.

The innovative digital tool will safeguard the authenticity and traceability of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) all the way from the field. For producers, it means the value of high-end products will no longer be undercut by cheaper imitations. Consumers can also trust that the EVOO in the bottle both lives up to the designation on the label and is safe to consume.

The Greek company BioCoS is working with the technology partner InTTrust to develop the antifraud traceability tool DNAblockchain. An intelligent data processing platform that uses the DNA data to verify the varietal authenticity of EVOO.  This information is then integrated in a blockchain system along with other data, such as quality characteristics, the location of the olive grove and the quantity of EVOO produced. Then, the whole traceable story will be available to consumers via a QR code on the EVOO bottle.

BioCoS and InTTrust are among more than 75 small and medium-sized companies that have received digital innovation funding from the EU S3FOOD project, which is supporting the digital transition of the European food industry.

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