September 14, 2023

Exploring opportunities with S3P Bioeconomy

On May 19th, the coordination team of S3P Traceability & Big Data met with responsibles of S3P Bioeconomy from the Italian region of Lombardy and the Vanguard Initiative.

We learnt about how the Thematic Partnership of S3P Bioeconomy works together the Vanguard Initiative in the promotion a pilot based on bioeconomy. It concerns the implementation of synergies in new biobased value chains across regions based on their smart specialisations. Its goal is to develop new integral biobased value chains and new connections between sectors as chemistry, agro, wood & paper, cosmetics and energy, leading to new interregional business opportunities and co-investment through interregional cooperation and partnerships, exchange of information and ideas.

With a bottom-up mapping exercise the Bioeconomy Pilot has currently developed 7 cases for Joint Demonstration (Demo Cases), which are in a way all related to the Smart Specialization Platform on Industrial Modernisation.