September 14, 2023

Final high points of SmartAgriHubs

Although the H2020 SmartAgriHubs project finalised officially at the end of November 2022, its final newsletter has been released on February 2023. It contains a summary of achievements, lessons, synergies created and future steps, among other contents, mostly related to the final event, which was celebrated in Lisbon last September.

At a glance:

“It has been a joy to witness how the project has contributed to the evolution of an active innovation ecosystem in support of sustainable agricultural production” Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski.

“We are proud of the SmartAgriHubs activities that are oriented on the big challenges of current European agriculture such as the focus on young farmers, agroecology or the place of women” Regional Cluster France.

“With all the SAH partners, DIHs and Regional Clusters we are preparing a Memorandum of Understanding expressing our commitment to pursue the activities at a level that ensures the continuation and vitality of the movement initiated by the SAH project” George Beers.

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