September 14, 2023

First Congress devoted to Artificial Intelligence applied to the agrifood chain

The European Foundation for Innovation (INTEC) organized, as part of the HIBA project within the INTERREG POCTEP initiative, the 1st International Congress on Artificial Intelligence applied to the agri-food chain "Smart AgrIfood from Farm to Table" at the Rectorate of the University of Córdoba on June 29th and 30th.

The objective of this event is to stimulate productive economy, entrepreneurship, and innovation, especially in the digital transformation of the agri-food chain, through the use of artificial intelligence, in line with the European Farm-to-Fork strategy. It also aims to be a reference in Spain for innovation by promoting entrepreneurship and startups in the emerging field of the new digital economy, particularly in the application of artificial intelligence.

The agenda brought together speakers from the entire agri-food value chain and specialists in Artificial Intelligence, featuring several panel discussions presenting advancements in the field, specific projects from companies and universities, and applications along the agri-food value chain. There were also several inspiring conferences on the subject and elevator pitches from 9 selected startups with AI-based solutions for the sector.

As a side event, the Agri-Food International Campus of Excellence (ceiA3) held a workshop for researchers and companies to share experiences in digitization and the application of artificial intelligence in the agri-food sector through various Operational Groups:

  • TIC4BIO is based on digitization through factors such as food and water demand, organic production, and resource degradation. This project aims to increase the competitiveness of the Andalusian organic agri-food sector through the use of ICTs, decision-making support, efficient water use, and biodiversity improvement.
  • CoverOlive 'Adoption of ICT and new plant covers adapted to improve soil and olive grove biodiversity' includes actions such as gathering initial information and zoning the extent of the cartography to be generated, as well as defining the data model for the analysis tool and technological development on slope cartography, potential losses, and soil and gullies.
  • QUERAT 'Innovative solutions to consolidate carob as a high-value crop in Andalusia' is an example of using geoinformation in agroforestry systems through the application of remote sensing data, mathematical models, and digital cartography for characterizing the state of carob plantations in Andalusia and generating decision support models for future interventions.
  • ARISTEO 'Andalusian Cheeses 4.0' aims to optimize the comprehensive management of artisanal cheese dairies through the development of a series of technology tools based on the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and data analysis.

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