July 6, 2021

Food 4 Future and EIT-Food Innovation Forum

Bilbao hosted Food 4 Future - ExpoFoodTech, between June 15 and 17, which has brought together the most innovative business experiences, the latest scientific advances and development of food and beverage products trends that will transform the sector in the coming years. This event was supported by our Traceability & Big Data partner, the Basque Government, and also the Bilbao City Council, additionally to the main food and beverage associations and companies, among innovative entrepreneurial network of EIT Food, in order to turn Bilbao into the Capital of Foodtech Innovation.

The event joined 5417 participants in Bilbao coming from 22 countries and other 4911 via streaming from 29 countries.

During the Summit, it has been analysed all the challenges that the food industry will face during the upcoming decade, such as digitization, sustainable models and innovative ingredients and products that consumers are increasingly demanding. Food 4 Future has gathered professionals from the entire value chain of the food industry to show how technology and science are creating a necessary revolution in the food industry. The agenda included the presence of more than 280 international experts who addressed, in more than 56 conferences, the new market trends in 6 vertical forums: Meat Forum, Beverage, Bakery, Sea Food, Dairy and Agro. In addition, attendees known technological solutions related to Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IIOT, Biotechnology, Data Analytics, Cybersecurity, Cloud and Automation and Robotics.

As a paralel event, EIT Food organized on June 16-17, the IV Innovation Forum that joined the most innovative projects and experts to talk about the future of targeted nutrition and new trends that will transform the sector. The changing scenarios on the agrifood sector made EIT Food focus on alternative proteins, sustainable agriculture, targeted nutrition, sustainable aquaculture, digital transformation of traceability and circular food systems.

EITFood supports the overall digital transformation of the food system and collaborates with consumers to deliver a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle for all European citizens.