March 1, 2024

Harnessing AI systems and Drones for Cutting-edge Innovation

As part of the training cycle “Digitalisation in the Bioeconomy: potential for rural actors”, promoted by the SCALE-UP project (Horizon Europe), the 6th of February, an online seminar dedicated to Artificial Intelligence and Drones was organized.

The session “Elevating Bioeconomy: Harnessing AI systems and Drones for Cutting-edge Innovation” was dedicated to those digital technologies applied to bioeconomy that can enhance productivity, efficiency, and sustainability, contributing to the development of innovative bio-based products and solutions.

Artificial intelligence can be used to analyse huge data sets to identify patterns, predict outcomes, and generate insights to accelerate R&D processes, while drones provide various possibilities in agriculture and forestry like remote sensing, and diversification of agriculture produce while reducing the environmental impact.

Specific speeches were:

  • General presentation of advanced technologies on drones, space technologies, AI & Machine Learning, and Advanced Robotics.
  • The Role of Bioinformatics in a Digitalised Bioeconomy through the Wood Value Chain by the Wood K Plus Competence Center. Four specific pilots were also presented: the Machine Learning for process adaptation in the wood industry, the acoustic emissions during wood machining processes for classification and Machine Learning, the modelling and simulation of the glueing of wood chips using Lattice Gas Cellular Automata and Random Walk and finally, the Finite Element Method for wood hybrid construction elements.
  • Two case studies on

1. Use of drones in agriculture: through detection of diseases and pests by AgFutura Technologies

2. Digitalisation of the Swedish National Forest Inventory done by the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences of Umea.

The second part of the session consisted of a series of break-out rooms in different languages to allow collective discussion. Finally, the feedback on the key outcomes from the breakout sessions was shared in the plenary room.

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