September 14, 2023

Kick-off meeting of new Interoperability Working Group

In an effort to drive innovation and enhance competitiveness in the agrifood sector, the Thematic Partnership of Traceability & Big Data in the agrifood value chain launched the first meeting of the Interoperability Working Group, which took place on July 11th.

Led by the R&D organization, RINOVA, renowned for its prowess in coordinating and executing cutting-edge projects, the Interoperability Working Group aims to pave the way for seamless collaboration and data exchange among agri-food stakeholders.

The event kicked off with an institutional welcome from Mar Cátedra, the Technical Coordinator of the Partnership. She greeted all attendees and introduced the working group's coordinator, Gianluca Barchi. Mar expressed her appreciation for the initiative, which originated from the Emilia Romagna region and, more specifically, from Rinova. The working group's primary focus is on breaking down barriers hindering interoperability across the agri-food supply chain.

Starting with Rinova's company presentation, the spotlight was the cutting-edge integrated data collection platform, which marks the group's foundational step towards future endeavours. The platform showcased remarkable results obtained to date across several agri-food chains.

Next, the various entities and regions affiliated with the Working Group were introduced, highlighting their expertise in interoperability and the experiences they bring, along with the specific needs identified in their respective regional contexts.

With the initial groundwork laid out, the Interoperability Working Group now sets its sights on the next crucial steps. Gathering insights from each member will be pivotal, as they aim to conduct comprehensive analyses and create a scoping note. This dynamic approach ensures the working group's actions will be aligned with the needs of the agri-food sector.