January 8, 2024

Launch of the S3 CoP Observatory

In a groundbreaking collaboration between DG REGIO G1, DG REGIO country-desks, and the S3CoP Secretariat, the S3 Observatory has been established to revolutionize the identification and categorization of Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) priorities across regions and member states. This innovative project, deploying cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, aims to streamline the classification of S3 priorities, offering a more efficient and insightful approach.

The S3 Observatory project team employed advanced AI techniques, including Generative AI and entity extraction and disambiguation, to automate the tagging and classification of S3 priorities based on regions' and member states' S3 documents. The AI-supported exercises included the categorization of strategies and priorities across different taxonomies, the identification of keywords at the S3 strategy and priority levels, and the classification of S3 priorities across various parameters such as NACE Sections, NABS codes, and Industrial Ecosystems.

However, the analysis comes with an essential disclaimer acknowledging the inherent limitations of AI, particularly in contextual comprehension. Recognizing this, the project incorporated human supervision and quality review to enhance the accuracy and consistency of the results. This collaborative synergy between generative AI and human expertise aims to bolster the reliability of the system.

As a pioneering initiative, the S3 Observatory anticipates occasional misclassifications or inaccuracies due to the complexity of natural language understanding. To address this, the project commits to undergo periodic reviews, ensuring continuous improvement and refinement.

Regional and national institutions overseeing the management of smart specialisation strategies are encouraged to reach out to contact@s3-cop.eu for any rectifications or additional information. This proactive engagement reflects the S3 Observatory's commitment to transparency, accuracy, and ongoing enhancement of its valuable insights into smart specialisation strategies.

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