September 14, 2023

Launching the network of +200 European Digital Innovation Hubs

The first annual EDIH conference (EDIH GEARING UP) has been a great opportunity to discuss about the future of the EU digital industrial policy and exchange best practices among public authorities of different levels. It took place from 26 and 27 of January.

The online event had four thematics tracks and one networking track: “the European EDIH ecosystems”, “the Digital Europe Programme”, “Implementing the EDIH initiative” and “a working EDIH”.

Moreover the conference addressed the future call for the EDIH under the DEP initiatives. EDIHs will be valued by the degree of advancement in the digital maturity of companies and the market creation potential of the new services offered. Furthermore, DIHs will be deeply promoted to link with sustainability and Green Deal strategy as well as the smart specialization strategy of each territory.

The European Commission has published a draft about the role of the EDIH in the DEP that includes a draft of the call as well as a guide document for the applications creation.

The Commission has been supporting Digital Innovation Hubs activities since 2012. Additionally, since 2016 and under the Digitalising European Industry initiative, the Commission has been supported the creation of Digital Innovation Hubs. In 2021, the Commission with the Member States are gearing up the support to the digitalisation of Europe economy and society. The European Digital Innovation Hubs are the new piece of the puzzle of our industries landscapes and our economy. How they will fit in this landscapes and how the Digital Europe Programme will support them will be at the heart of this conference.

The EDIH Gearing up towards European Digital Innovation Hubs conference has been jointly organised by the European Commission, Luxinnovation, the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and DIHNET.