September 14, 2023

Matching opportunities with Agrifood S3 Partnerships

The S3 Platforms integrate different Thematic Partnerships across relevant value chains. In particular, regarding the Agrifood Platform, Partnerships use to have common objectives and interests that can converge in determinate actions. As a result of this reflection, the Thematic Partnerships “Smart Sensors 4 Agrifood” and “Traceability & Big Data in the agrifood value chain” (hereinafter, SS4AF and T&BD) started last year a series of meetings in order to increase mutual knowledge and look for cross opportunities.

A new meeting was celebrated on the 10th of May, where both Thematic Partnerships presented to each other main working actions, the status of projects developed and priorities in the short-term. It was highly interesting the interchange of experiences regarding the governing models of each Partnership and how the actors involved are mobilised.

SS4AF and T&BD also shared the new opportunities coming from the new Community of Practice (CoP) and the specific services that will be offered to Thematic Partnerships, which most probably will start during the last quarter of 2023. It is also expected that the first in-person event organised by the CoP in November 2023 (specific dates not scheduled yet) will bring the opportunity of joining all the Agrifood Thematic Partnerships to further speak about their progress, seek synergies and define collaborative initiatives.

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