September 14, 2023

Meeting with S3P Smart Sensors 4 Agrifood

On October 21st, the coordination team of S3P Traceability & Big Data met with another Thematic Partnership of the Agrifood Platform, the S3P Smart Sensors for Agrifood one. Cecilia Gañán de Molina, European Expert for DG REGIO, also attended it as facilitator of this meeting.

Both Partnerships presented their objectives, activities and background to enhance the mutual knowledge. Smart Sensors explained its governance model where a strong and dedicated group of clusters and RTOs from 17 regions all over Europe and 21 Regular Members and 22 Associated Organisations support the agri-food companies to take the leap towards Industry 4.0. A technical office prepares an annual plan that is validated by partners and supported through an annual fee. Additionally, cross-fertilization among the Thematic Partnerships by promoting joint events and mutual learning is expected in the near future.

The Thematic Smart Specialisation Partnership Smart Sensors 4 Agrifood builds on the expertise of 43 partners (clusters and research centres) from over 17 regions dedicated to support the digital transformation of the agrifood industry. All partners have established industry and research networks and vast experience with Industry 4.0 related topics and projects. By connecting competences across European regions, the partners as well as their members and stakeholders benefit from shared knowledge with the aim to accelerate the adoption and transformation towards a digital agrifood system. S3P Smart Sensors 4 Agrifood was initiated by Flanders FOOD, Imec, and DSP Valley from Flanders and Wagralim from Wallonia.