October 3, 2023

Presented the Green Deal Dataspace Association

In mid-September, the Green Deal Dataspace Association was founded for collaborative, data-driven innovations in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The association aims to develop a universally accessible IT infrastructure and data ecosystem to create data-sharing projects and the secure, trustworthy sharing of data.

The founders analysed the increase in the frequency of global crises such as pandemics and disasters, reasons for interrupted supply chains are multifold. Then, building shared solutions using data connections is crucial for dampening the effects of such crisis and becoming more sustainable and resilient.

The Green Deal Dataspace is created to allow for transparency in supply chains by identifying crises and their effects on participants. However, finding and using data in a sovereign way remains a core challenge. Interested parties need to know how to find services to become more resilient while ensuring data privacy and sovereignty.

The solution lies in using established, independently certifiable and interoperable standards for data sharing, such as IDSA and GAIA-X. These standards are integrated into a unified system that allows for offering, finding, and accessing relevant data sources and services related to resilience and sustainability. The IDS solution and its corresponding connectors are basic technologies that enable sovereign data sharing within the Green Deal Dataspace.

As a launching event, on last 21st of September, the Green Deal Dataspace organised the Data Spaces Dialogue, where this initiative was presented.

Further information: https://green-deal-dataspace.eu/

Contact email: team@internationaldataspaces.org