September 14, 2023

Regional Cluster Iberia celebrates the FIEs Open Day

The Iberian Flagship Innovation Experiments (FIEs) Open day was organized as an action within the Regional Cluster Iberia action plan in the SmartAgriHubs project and consisted of a presentation of the three FIEs which are being executed in Iberia (Portugal and Spain).

FIEs serve as benchmarks for other Innovation Experiments to strive towards. They are carried out with the help of Digital Innovation Hubs which facilitate access to the latest knowledge and expertise, and technology support provided by Competence Centres.

The event was focused in the three Iberian Flagship Innovation Experiments, which are FIE 21- Sensoring and AI Algorithms for Early Crop Disease Detection -SAIA, FIE 22 - Iberian Irrigation Portal, and FIE 23 Digitalising the dairy production chain. FIEs presented the development process of their experiments, showing results and how they can be transferred.

In addition, within these Flagship Innovation Experiments, ideas, concepts and prototypes are tested to advance the digitization of the agri-food sector. Over time, the products created by these experiments will be brought to market and the research and information gathered will be shared with other Innovation Experiments across Europe thanks to the extensive ecosystem network established by SmartAgriHubs.

More about the project’s FIEs: