September 14, 2023

REGIONS 4FOOD: lessons learnt. The latest T&BD webinar celebrated.

On March 3rd, the S3 Thematic Partnership on Traceability & Big Data, celebrated a new webinar. This time we invited to a project raised from our Partnership, REGIONS 4FOOD.

REGIONS 4FOOD is an Interreg Europe project born through 7 regions partners of Traceability & Big Data that have decided to join efforts to face new challenges by developing an exchange of experience approach and work plan which allow them to create synergies and opportunities by identifying good practice implemented in other territories.

Esperanza Perea, project coordinator from Andalusia (lead region of the project), introduced REGIONS 4FOOD, where partners work in close cooperation with stakeholders to interconnect regional innovation ecosystems.

Natalia Ardila, technical staff of the coordination team spoke on how best practices for each region will be integrated in their action plans in order to improve the targeted policy instruments governance or to implement projects that will contribute to achieving the above-mentioned goal.

Finally, Miguel Villa, also technical staff, presented the peer reviews done in each region. Partners’ action plans have been reviewed by other partner/s who inspired at least 1 of the actions included in their 1st Action Plan draft, with the aim to give recommendations of improvement, taking into consideration the regional partners’ context and innovation strategy. Finally, he introduced the inspirational good practices and the lessons learnt on cooperation reinforce, capacity building support, strategic guideline identification and digital transformation.

Next Traceability & Big Data webinar will be held on April 28th, at 11:00 CET. We will speak about Public Procurement of Innovative Solutions and will discover interesting cases promoted in Andalusia, e.g. about drones procurement.

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