February 14, 2022

REGIONS 4FOOD: Strategic policy recommendations for the agrifood value chain

The project arose as a proposal within the partner regions RIS3, where innovation and the ICT sector are key factors to develop the agrifood value chain and where the S3P Traceability & Big Data has been framed since 2017. Thus, the following regions joint forces and set up the REGIONS 4FOOD project in order to promote the digitization of the agri-food value chain: Andalusia (ES), Pays de la Loire (FR), South Ostrobothnia (FI), Emilia Romagna (IT), South Transdanubia (HU), Limburg (NL) and Pazardzhik (BG).

Last October 19th theses 7 regions partners of the REGIONS 4FOOD project met with their stakeholders and experts in Brussels in the Interregional Capitalization Seminar with a double objective: on the one hand, to present the 7 Action Plans that the partners have elaborated and that are the result of mutual learning obtained thanks to the exchange of experiences developed since June 2018.

On the other hand, to reach an agreement on 6 Strategic Policy Recommendations the partners have been working on since 2019, at the occasion of the different Interregional Seminars and in close cooperation with their regional stakeholders.

The work to obtain the Strategic Policy Recommendations to European Strategies in the agri-food value chain has been carried out with the participation of all the partner regions and their regional stakeholders in all stages of the mutual learning developed throughout the three years that Phase 1 of the project has lasted.

Guided by an expert on EU Innovation policies, project partners together with their stakeholders and representatives from DG Agri and Copa-Cogeca exchanged and debated to finally reach an agreement on 6 Strategic recommendations and 10 conclusions aiming at improving the European policies on innovation and digitization of the agri-food value chain.

REGIONS 4FOOD project partners consider that new cross-over connection between sectors formerly disconnected needs to be enhanced, as well as the interregional cooperation: the agri-food value chain must be addressed as a whole. For that purpose, a better coordination a combination of EU policies is necessary.

Furthermore the agreement on the Strategic Policy Recommendations, project partners presented their regional Action Plans, as this Seminar served both to close Phase 1 of the project (dedicated to the mutual learning and exchange of experiences), and to launch Phase 2, in which the partners will implement theses Action Plans aiming at improving their regional policy instruments and the dissemination of the Strategic Policy Recommendations.

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