March 31, 2023

SmartAgriHubs is included in the IoT Catalogue

The IoT Catalogue is the one-stop-source for Internet of Things (IoT) knowledge, innovations and technologies, aiming to help IoT stakeholders, such as developers, integrators, advisors, end-users, etc. to take the most advantage of the IoT for the benefit of society, businesses and individuals.

The IoT Catalogue is a web-based tool enabling users to explore IoT solutions based on domain-related value propositions and ICT problems described on use cases defined along application domains. It also allows users to inspect solutions and technologies from other parts that might fit their needs or analyse use cases similar to their projects to promote synergies and reusability between application domains.

The ‘IoT Catalogue’ has been developed with the support of funding from the European Union’s research and innovation programmes. It was initiated in the context of the H2020 WAZIUP EU-Africa project as to catalogue and share the project’s IoT technological solutions and use cases. Since then, it has been further developed and scaled-up in EU RTD projects such as the H2020 IoF2020 IoT Large Scale Pilot to hold the results of the project’s agri-food use-cases’ synergy analysis results.

Recently, the SmartAgriHubs H2020 project joined to the Catalogue, providing 16 use-cases that joined 49 IoT-based components, with the aim of helping drive innovation, and further supporting the EU agrifood system transition.

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