September 14, 2023

South Savo Food Cluster in operation

The food sector in South Savo Region took a big leap in the summer when the South Savo Food Cluster cluster was established. The cluster strengthens the position of South Savo as a successful and innovative food province.

The Food Cluster shares the vision of the South Savo Food Development Programme for a responsible, successful and transformational food sector.

“The activities of the food cluster focus particularly on increasing the competence, networking and internationalisation of food operators and creating conditions for new innovations and the ecosystem of lifelong learning,” says Teija Rautiainen, Manager of the South Savo Food Cluster.

The food cluster is open to all food industry players. It brings together actors from primary production, food processors, education, research and food trade and food services in a joint network. At current stage, 17 members representing the entire food sector have joined the cluster, of which there are 11 companies.

“With the food cluster, South Savo is strengthening its foothold as Europe's emerging centre of food tourism and expertise. We are delighted with this development. Food and food expertise is one of the top ranks of smart specialization in the province. The food cluster supports the achievement of the objectives of the Sout Savo Programme; building a strong food culture and food chains in cooperation, says Tuula Kokkonen, Business Manager, from the South Savo Regional Council.

The South Savo food cluster has also joined the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) which strengthens the internationalization and financing opportunities of the food sector in the province in particular.

Picture by Pirjo Kivijärvi

Food cluster team from left to right: Terttu Pulkkinen, Taina Harmoinen, Teija Rautiainen, Päivi Pylkkänen, Tarja Pajari and Pirjo Kivijärvi, who are currently working together at Food Cluster – Vitality for South Savo Region -project funded by South Savo Regional Council.