July 27, 2022

Strategic Policy Recommendations of the REGIONS 4FOOD project

Last October 19th 2021 the 7 regions partners of the REGIONS 4FOOD project met with their stakeholders and experts in Brussels in the Interregional Capitalization Seminar to reach an agreement on 6 Strategic Policy Recommendations the partners have been working on since 2019, at the occasion of the different Interregional Seminars and in close cooperation with their regional stakeholders.

The work to obtain the Strategic Policy Recommendations to European Strategies in the agri-food value chain has been carried out with the participation of all the partner regions and their regional stakeholders in all stages of the mutual learning developed throughout the 3 years of Phase 1 of the project. Based on the learnings, debates and exchanges of experiences among project’s partners and their stakeholders, the objective of this document is to influence policies at European level on innovation and digitization in the agri-food value chain tackling the current framework (2021-2027).

REGIONS 4FOOD project partners consider that new cross-over connection between sectors formerly disconnected needs to be enhanced, as well as the interregional cooperation: the agri-food value chain must be addressed as a whole. For that purpose, a better coordination a combination of EU policies is necessary.

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