September 14, 2023

T&BD in a new edition of Smart Agrifood Summit

The S3 Partnership on Traceability and Big Data in the agrifood value chain has participated in the fifth edition of Smart Agrifood Summit, held in Malaga on September 29 and 30. During the second day, the technical team of Andalucía, lead region of this Partnership, presented the objectives and actions of our European thematic association that aims to promote the digitisation of the agrifood sector through the valorization of data.

Noemí Molina highlighted the strategic alliances created with other European networks and projects in the field of European agrifood digitisation. Next, María José Valverde explained the communication strategy followed, explaining tools developed, such as the T&BD website, the monthly newsletter or the Youtube channel.

The following T&BD related projects also were presented during the event:

  • SmartAgriHubs: Agustín Serrano explained the final results of this Horizon 2020 project and the future challenges regarding the sustainability of the networks created during the project, specifically the Regional Cluster Iberia.
  • Regions4Food: Noemí Molina presented the results achieved through the 7 action plans developed by participant regions and the strategic policy recommendations launched.
  • Hub Iberia Agrotech: various partners presented the advancements of the project. Please see the dedicated piece of news here.

Furthermore, during the Smart Agrifood Summit, some T&BD Spanish and Portuguese partners met, like Galicia through DATALIFE, Extremadura with FUNDECYT-PCTEX, INL Nano Technology, Aragon through PORCINNOVA and Andalusia with the Regional Ministry of Agriculture and the Andalucia Agrotech DIH.  

More than 200 presentations

The international event on innovation in the agrifood sector brought together more than 200 experts who addressed digitisation from their experience and vision of the future. Artificial intelligence, blockchain and cybersecurity were some of the technologies presented at the Smart Agrifood Summit.

In addition, a call for start-ups was announced months ago, finalists presented their solutions in a dedicated forum, most of them focused on smart agriculture and irrigation, agrifood marketplaces, robotics, IoT or Big Data.