May 6, 2024

The Working Group Traceability & Big Data in circular economy continues working

The Working Group “Traceability & Big Data in Circular Economy” celebrated a new meeting on the 25th of April to continue advancing its framework and objectives.

Terhi Korpi (SEAMK), the coordinator of this Working Group, presented a survey prepared with the collaboration of the Finance, Funding and Investment Assistance Service, which our Thematic Partnership receives from the S3 Community of Practice experts. Some improvements were added to this survey, which has been recently distributed to the Working Group members.

Until the 31st of May, regions involved in this Working Group and regional stakeholders interested in participating can fill out this questionnaire to decide the main topics to work for in the following months, as well as the path to get appropriate funding to perform future activities.

Ms Korpi also asked for events and initiatives related to this thematic Working Group, in order to participate in and spread the activities done. Some events and projects were identified by participants that described them and underlined the possibilities of future collaboration.

The next meeting is expected in the third week of June. The results of the survey will be presented and concrete actions will follow.

Additional entities interested in filling out the questionnaire and contributing to this Working Group can require it through