September 14, 2023

Traceability & Big Data participates in Smart Agrifood Summit

S3P Traceability & Big Data participated in Smart Agrifood Summit through the Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of Andalusia, entity in charge of the coordination of this Thematic Partnership. Several members of the Andalusian regional node participated in the event, some of them were:  Andalucia Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub, IFAPA, University of Cordoba, University of Malaga, CTA, Fiware Zone, companies like Hispatec, ec2ce, Naturcode or Galpagro, among others. The partner region of Extremadura also participated and our colleagues of EIT Food, as well as some companies coming from Italian regions involved.

Traceability & Big Data was mainly represented through two speeches in the Agritalk space, where several members of the quadruple helix of Andalusia participated suchs as representives from R+D+I projects, startups, training initiatives and so on.

Mar Catedra, technical coordinator of Traceability & Big Data, presented this Thematic Partnership to members of the Andalusian four-fold helix. Her speech was dedicated to explain what our Platform is and its objectives, how regions work together (among regions and their own regional nodes) and what opportunities exist for companies through their regional nodes.

Esperanza Perea, coordinator of the related INTERREG project REGIONS 4FOOD, where seven regions of Traceability & Big Data are participating, presented the current status of the commented project. It has been finalised the stage 1, where 7 action plans focused on the digitalisation of the agrifood sector have been elaborated by the participant regions has just finalised. The stage 2 is ready to start, where these action plans will be implemented and complemented with strategic recommendations for the policy makers of the seven regions involved.

Smart Agrifood Summit is an international reference event in the agrifood sector and is a face-to-face and virtual meeting point where you can find partners, increase financing and internationalization channels as well as publicize new products, services and innovative projects. The event developed an interesting program with several round tables, joining more than 200 experts to talk about digital transformation in the agrifood value chain.