September 14, 2023

Validating next steps of Traceability & Big Data

Continues the work started in the last technical meeting of the Thematic Partnership S3 on Traceability & Big Data in the Agrifood Value Chain, held on November 28th 2022, in Malaga, advancing the development plans of this platform for the current year.

The lead and co-lead regions met during April to organize and validate the next steps of the Partnership, in addition to preparing for the meeting with the Community of Practice.

Various topics were discussed, such as the launch of working groups for investment ideas that garnered high interest among the partners, prioritizing the continuation of mapping regional strengths, synergies with other Partnerships and European initiatives, among others.

With the progress made during the latest technical meeting and the ongoing efforts, the Partnership is set to make significant strides in its development plans for the current year. The establishment of working groups and the focus on regional strengths are expected to drive forward investment ideas and foster synergies with other initiatives, further enhancing the impact of the Partnership.