Working Groups and S3 CoP Funding Service

The S3 CoP Funding, Finance and Investment Assistance continues its work within the Traceability & Big Data Partnership. During last month, some meetings took place with our Working Groups in order to follow up and advance in the concrete results agreed with the Funding Service expert.

Work has been mainly dedicated to surveys devoted to technical Working Groups, which focus on the capacities and expectations of participants, with a common objective of tracing the path to set collaborative projects around the topics shortly. Results obtained for the T&BD in Circular Economy & Bioeconomy Working Group will be presented by the end of June. The Working Group on Interoperability will start collecting their insights in the following weeks.

The Road Map Working Group will continue mapping capacities, knowledge and interregional collaboration opportunities to the whole S3 Partnership, by including all the stakeholders involved.

Additionally, during the S3 CoP Steering Committee meeting, to take place on 10 and 11 June, the Traceability & Big Data Partnership will participate in the breakout session for the Funding Service. It will be shared the experience and the added value of this service delivery on this Thematic Partnership, together with other S3 Partnerships that are also receiving this Funding Service or the Demonstration one.

Finally, a common meeting among the S3 CoP expert, the Traceability & Big Data coordination team and the WG leaders is expected by the end of June to share insights gained during the process.