ICT-enabled agri-food systems

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The ERA-NET ICT AGRI FOOD seeks to strengthen cooperation in R&D and innovation between the member states of the European Union (EU) and associated states to promote, in a verifiable and perceptible way, the use of intelligent digital technologies to make European agri-food systems more sustainable, resilient and safe.

The project will finance annual joint calls for transnational R&D and innovation projects. The funded projects will contribute to introduce and pilot digital technologies that improve the sustainability of the agri-food sector for present and future generations.

The ERA-NETs are European consortia of R&D and innovation financing entities coordinated to incentivize projects of international companies’ consortiums. In this way, each entity finances companies in its country or region of origin. In addition, the ERA-NETs develop strategic research agendas and set priority lines that are transferred to the European Commission (EC) and influence the community policies.

The ICT AGRI FOOD project is coordinated by the Federal Food and Agriculture Agency of Germany and cofunded under EU H2020 programme.


Budget: €5,000,000

Deadline: November 2019 - November 2024