February 14, 2022

A solution based on smart traceability for an agroindustrial plant wins the Agrotech Conecta challenge

The challenge launched by the fruit & vegetable company La Unión (Almería, Spain) has been selected as the first winner of the Agrotech Conecta program. Its proposal looks for a smart traceability system for an agroindustrial plant. The first edition of Agrotech Conecta program is an open innovation initiative promoted by the Andalucía Agrotech Digital Innovation Hub whose aim is to find technological solutions for Andalusian agrifood companies, coming from startups.

Three startups will join La Unión to look for a proper solution to this challenge: D&A Innovative System, Datalsia and Nutrasign. A conceptual pilot in a real environment will be done, also having specific training and support from agents of the Andalusian digital ecosystem.

Eight agritech challenges have been received in this first edition of Andalucía Conecta, covering some areas of the agrifood value chain, from the decision-making process in the farms until the online selling of products or the traceability of the whole process. 40 solutions were received from startups and 19 were selected for the final phase.

Agrotech Conecta program’s objective is, on one hand, to offer to agrifood companies innovative solutions based on digitisation and, on the other hand, to give opportunities to startups and digital entrepreneurs by testing their solutions in consolidated companies.

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