September 14, 2023

Advancing in our T&BD Partnership

Traceability & Big Data coordination team works on a daily basis by focusing its activities on advancing the Partnership. In this news, we would like to pointed out some of the initiatives in which we worked on during October:

  •  Bilateral meeting with regions & associated partners: to have a regular contact with our members is crucial to keep the track on needs, projects that are being developed, proposals, etc. On October 19th, we met Oulu region, with the participation of the Regional Council, Academia and Competence Centre members. The T&BD road map was reviewed, by presenting the different communication activities launched, Oulu members confirmed their availability for an active participation in the newsletter and also by co-organising a webinar in the upcoming months. About the scouting project and the surveillance unit, focused respectively on searching projects raised in the regions involved in our Partnership and seeking the creation of joint projects or pilot actions attending the opportunities emerged from the different interregional calls, Centria participants explained their expertise and some projects they are involved in, such as VASTE, a platform focused on improving the logistic process on agrifood.
  • Sinergies with other networks: we are continuously working on connecting with other nodes focused on the digitalization of the agrifood sector. In this sense, we had a meeting on October 19th with EIT Food South. Both of us presented the different initiatives we are working on, identifying promising opportunities of collaboration on financing and training for companies involved in the DIH and regional nodes of our Partnership and also communication activities. Additionally, we are working on the organization of a joint webinar by end-November. We will announce soon the concrete date.
  • Lead and co-lead regions coordination: Andalusia lead region and Emilia Romagna co-lead region have a fluent contact for determining key topics of Traceability & Big Data. Regarding the scouting project (lead by Emilia Romagna) and the Surveillance Unit (lead by Andalusia), on October 26th, we had a meeting in order to analyze the results obtained into the scouting and prepare the next Surveillance Unit (celebrated on October 30th with the different regions that participate in this initiative).

To conclude, we have also been working on the adhesion of new interested regions and members to Traceability & Big Data. In case some of you would like to obtain further information, do not hesitate to contact us by our email