May 6, 2024

Announced the upcoming Steering Committee meeting of S3 Thematic Platforms 2024

The S3 Community of Practice has recently announced the online Steering Committee meeting that will take place on 10 June and 11 June 2024 from 13:00 until 17:00.

The online Steering Committee meeting is organised by the Smart Specialisation Community of Practice Secretariat (S3 CoP). This event is dedicated towards the S3 Thematic Platforms on Agri-food, Energy, Industrial Modernisation and Sustainable Blue Economy, and the Thematic Smart Specialisation Partnerships (TSSPs) that operate thereunder. Key participants to the meeting are the lead and participating regions of those TSSPs.

According to the preliminary agenda distributed:

  • On the first day, there will be a presentation of best practices and an overview of insights from the latest monitoring reports and also the opportunities gathered through the S3 CoP webpage. To continue, the presentation of the services delivered by the S3 CoP: governance; mapping; funding, finance and investment; and demonstration. Later on, dedicated breakout sessions on experiences per each service.
  • The second day will continue with the presentation and breakout sessions of the services training & capacity building; (re)scoping; and smart partnering. The final session will be dedicated to the dedicated platform meetings, including the latest relevant policy developments and an open discussion on opportunities and challenges.

This is the third Steering Committee meeting that will be organised by the S3 CoP. This meeting will focus on the service delivery that has taken place in the past months and will entail specific breakout sessions to exchange experiences per service delivery. The breakout sessions on the S3 CoP services are organised for those TSSPs that have received a concrete service and those ones interested in receiving it.

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