July 30, 2021

Bulgaria’s Recovery and Resilience Plan bets for the agriculture

The Bulgarian National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which has been recently updated, includes a Sustainable Agriculture component which includes the specific investment measure "digitalization of the processes from the farm to the fork".

The concrete measure envisages a complete national electronic information system in agriculture that will be built to achieve:

• To digitalize the information flows from and for the implementation of the administrative activity;

• To provide of e-services to the farmers, centralization and use of e-services by the business in the course of fulfilment of the obligations and requirements depending on the type of agricultural activity;

• To integrate in a unified platform for automated data exchange the information systems of the administration and the management software of the agricultural holdings.

Regarding the specific modules that this system will contain, they are:

• Module for the use of plant protection products and fertilizers through digitizing the logs for their use;

• Registration and tracing of imports, production, trade and storage of veterinary medicinal products and medicated fodders, as well as their application on animals;

• A "farm to fork" tracking, from primary production to final consumption based on the principle of a unique identification code, in order to inform consumers and stimulate the production of quality and affordable food;

• An online training module and an additional module for consultations of farmers.

The total national-scale planned resources are EUR 12 million approximately, within an estimated implementation period of 2021-2025.

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