February 5, 2024

Commission publishes a flood risk areas viewer to raise awareness

The viewer presents for the first time on one map the areas in the European Union which, according to the national authorities, carry a potentially significant flood risk. The flood risk information presented in the viewer is provided by EU Member States with support from the Commission and the European Environment Agency.

It is developed as a useful and user-friendly awareness tool as the result of the obligations under the EU Floods Directive that establishes the steps in the process of managing flood risk. It shows the areas of potential significant flood risk, along with additional information and web links. It provides a single gateway to all Member States’ preliminary flood risk assessments, flood hazard and risk maps, and flood risk management plans in the national language/s.

It is worth taking into account that Member States define what constitutes a potentially significant flood risk depending on their particular circumstances and flood risk management approaches. Then, some countries include existing flood protection measures in their calculations while others do not. Direct comparisons between Member States are therefore not advisable and can define an area of potentially significant flood risk as a point, a line, or a polygon.

Flood risk may change over time and Member States will update periodically their flood risk assessments, flood hazard and risk maps, and flood risk management plans. The Floods Directive foresees updates every six years, the current flood risk management plans cover the period 2022-2027.

Flood risk viewer tool: https://discomap.eea.europa.eu/floodsviewer  
For enquiries about this viewer:  env-water@ec.europa.eu