April 4, 2024

Cooperation for digital transformation of the Andalusian agrifood sector

Andalucia Agrotech DIH has organized a side event during the Smart Agrifood Summit ‘24, celebrated in Seville on 14-15 March. The objective has been to promote a working group of regional public actors working for the digitisation of the agrifood sector that also participate in European networks.

Actors involved were the Thematic Partnership S3P on Traceability & Big Data in the agrifood value chain (T&BD), the Andalusian Smart Specialization Strategy for the Sustainability (S4 Andalusia), the European Enterprise Network (EEN) and the Andalusia Agrotech DIH.

The four initiatives were presented and a fruitful debate was raised with the aim of:

  • Sharing experiences and good practices among these initiatives and actors involved in
  • Identifying synergies and collaboration opportunities
  • Developing joint strategies

First insights discovered cross-opportunities for Andalusian SMEs, also able to be extrapolated to European SMEs involved through T&BD participants.

The ultimate objective of this group is the establishment of a long-term collaboration platform among different European initiatives promoted in Andalusia and related to agrifood digital transformation.

The next meeting has been scheduled for April.