September 14, 2023

Digital Innovation Governance Webinar

The European SAH project organized the 'Digital Innovation Hub Governance Webinar' in order to show the importance of establishing a DIH governance that must ensure that three dimensions are aligned and consistent: policies, strategic direction; stakeholder engagement, accountability; and legal, organization, management.

At present, DIHs have to address societal challenges the agri-food sector is facing such as food security, sustainability and climate change, and complex agricultural innovation issues too.

In addition, digital innovation hubs are multi-stakeholder partnerships that must address multi-level scopes: local, regional, national and international.

Therefore, the governance model for DIHs will depend on a large number of factors such as national legislation, DIH priorities, capabilities and regional characteristics.

The SmartAgriHubs Project objective is to build a broad DIH network across the European countries connected to competence centres and flagship innovation experiments in which ideas, concepts and prototypes are developed and introduced into the market.